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As Moms Demand Action on Guns Following Parkland Massacre, Sen. Silverstein is Absent

source: https://www.facebook.com/MomsDemandActionIL/photos/rpp.202047849932131/1122976634505910/?type=3&theater

CHICAGO - As hundreds of mothers, faith leaders and law enforcement officials descended on Springfield Wednesday demanding action on gun safety in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., high school massacre, Sen. Ira Silverstein was inexcusably absent from the historic debate, where he missed votes on two key gun violence prevention bills in the Senate.

Ira Piltz, an attorney residing in the 8th state senate district and the organizer of an upcoming citizens' forum on gun violence and other related issues stated:

“I don’t understand why Senator Ira Silverstein, my elected State Senator, did not participate in the vote in favor of crucial gun violence prevention legislation today; legislation that he co-sponsored with other members of the State Senate to license gun dealers and legislation to protect potential victims of gun violence from becoming actual victims of gun violence.
“With an entire Nation taking action to fight gun violence, Silverstein was nowhere to be found. His absence means that he failed to vote on bills to license gun dealers and keeping guns away from those with potential for violence—bills that he sponsored.
“There is no reason for our leaders not to participate in a debate that literally has life and death consequences for all of us, especially as he is touting his 'Assault Weapons Bill' as a part of his re-election platform. It is incumbent upon all of us to hold our elected leaders responsible for their actions, as it literally has 'life and death' consequences.
“While hundreds of moms came to Springfield and demanded action to fight gun violence, Ira Silverstein was nowhere to be found,” said Democratic candidate for State Senate Ram Villivalam, "failing to vote on bills to license gun dealers and keeping guns away from those with potential for violence. We need a proactive, effective Senator who stands up for our district and shows up to fight gun violence.”