I'm in! Are you?


I am excited to announce that I am running for State Senate in the 8th District of Illinois.

I am running because I believe we need a new generation of elected officials in our government, we need more diversity in who is making the decisions that impact our communities, and we need someone who will actually lead on the challenging issues we face.

If you are with me in standing up for Illinois families, please become a founding member of my grassroots campaign by contributing $25 today!

The 8th State Senate district has the highest concentration of Asian Americans in the state of Illinois. My campaign can be historic. If elected, I will be the first Asian American elected to the Illinois State Senate and the first South Asian American elected to the Illinois General Assembly. As the son of Indian immigrants who came to this country in the 1970s to seek out a better quality of life and opportunities for their children, I feel the responsibility to step forward and speak out on the important issues that working and middle-class families are experiencing every day.

I need your help if we are going to make history. Click here to contribute $25 and become a founding member of my campaign!

Illinois is facing a lot of challenges, but I firmly believe there is a path forward to a brighter future for our state.

We need to increase the minimum wage, ensure billionaires and millionaires pay their fair share, move towards universal healthcare, fix our unjust immigration system, protect the rights of women and minorities, work to reduce gun violence in our communities, and invest in a clean energy future.

In order to do that good work, I need your help. In order to get elected to the State Senate, I need to collect 3,000 petition signatures from registered voters in the 8th State Senate District in the next three weeks.

I will be knocking on doors to collect petition signatures and I ask that you join me. We need 50 people to commit to collecting 20 signatures each. Can I count on you?

I am grateful for your support. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!



P.S. Please click here to help us make history and create a better future for Illinois.


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