• Ram Villivalam

Ram Villivalam earns "Gun Sense Candidate Distinction" from Moms Demand Action

Chicago (Mayfair) - Today, Democrat Ram Villivalam became the only candidate for State Senator in the 8th District to earn the Gun Sense Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

"I am honored to have earned this distinction from Moms Demand Action, a grassroots group that is the leading force for gun violence prevention in our country," said Villivalam. "Our children deserve to grow up in an environment where they don't constantly fear for their lives. I have and will continue to be outspoken on the need to vigorously find both legislative and community based solutions to stop the gun violence epidemic plaguing our society."

As a member of the Gun Violence Prevention PAC board, Villivalam spent years crafting and fighting for gun violence prevention legislation, including the Gun Dealer Licensing Bill. Villivalam also believes in the need for legislation that enacts universal background checks, the banning of assault weapons, the increase of the waiting period to purchase assault weapons, and the increase of the age requirement to purchase assault weapons, and the banning of bump stocks.


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