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Villivalam passes Future of Work Act

SPRINGFIELD – To set a standard of dignified working conditions in new industries, State Senator Ram Villivalam (D-Chicago) advanced the Future of Work Act from both chambers of the General Assembly.

“Our economy is changing dramatically to adapt to the pandemic, new industries and technology,” Villivalam said. “Illinois must be a leader in building an equitable future for working families by establishing clear and dignified standards of work.”

The Future of Work Act would establish the Future of Work Task Force to comprehensively assess new and emerging technologies that have the potential to impact employment and wages, develop a baseline of job standards and working conditions, facilitate workforce development and research best practices on how to deploy technology to benefit working people.

The Task Force would consist of eight bipartisan members of the General Assembly, seven members appointed by the governor, the Superintendent of the State Board of Education and the Directors of the Illinois Departments of Labor, Commerce and Economic Opportunity and Employment Security.

The Future of Work Task Force will issue its final report to the governor and General Assembly by May 1, 2022. The legislation, filed under House Bill 645, awaits the governor’s signature.

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